Tuesday, 27 October 2009



Just a quickie: this morning I took - and passed - my driving test: hooray!
I know that this sounds ridiculous to any of my overseas (esp. US) readers, but believe me when I say it's fairly tricky, and getting trickier each year. Trust me. There's a reason that (a) many of my friends (smart, professional types) can't drive, (b) my American wife hasn't attempted a British licence, and (c) I've got by for 29 years without one!

At last I'm legally able to drive the 39-week-pregnant Mrs. Drax to hospital next week.


- Drax.


  1. Congrats! Its a great feeling but I am sure it doesn't compare to the expectation of being a daddy. Looking forward to the good news.

  2. Well done Drax, after my recent trip it's reminded me I'd definitely never want to attempt driving on the wrong side ;) of the road.

  3. Grats on passing the drving test. Here is America we could use a tougher drving test. Too many bad drivers on our roads!


  4. 39 weeks? You just barely got your test in on time then.

  5. Congrats dude! Enjoy the freedom (whilst it lasts ;))

  6. Congrats old boy, and welcome to the manly man club!

  7. Well done fella ... might be easier to meet up next time!

    Good luck to you and the littlun!

  8. The British driving test is seriously difficult. You even have to pass a theory exam. Fortunately I passed mine 40 years ago when it was much simpler as I am not sure I could get it mow.:)

    but then, driving 40 years ago was also much simpler.


  9. Well Done. Are you actually up to driving Mrs Drax to hospital next week ? I mean, you may well be a little over wrought yoursel' like.

  10. Heh, grats!

    Though mentioning "EVEN have to pass a theory test" Hah! Theory test is the easiest part here. What is the real difficulty nearly impossible for most to get past is the examinators that just love to fail people's exams for silly reasons just because. I really got lucky to pass it in one go!

  11. Yay- the Admiral has joined the ranks of the mechanized civilianry!

  12. Nicely done, Drax! Pretty much everyone and anyone gets a license here, and honestly it's all the more terrifying for it. So many people that have no business behind the wheel!

    It's said that driving an automobile is the single most dangerous thing the average human does in their everyday lives, and I fervently agree.

  13. Thanks, All (as always)!

    I've passed three theory tests now (they expire after two years) and they've got more and more difficult each time. When I passed the most recent, the four people either side of me all failed. Mind you, that was in Plymouth...

    If you're wondering why I left it so late, it's becuase the local test centre (Newton Abbot) was booked SOLID through the summer holidays, and the bastards only test on weekdays, so I had to wait until half-term (US: a week's break, halfway through each 12-week term). Grrr.

    I dread to think what the Polish one's like, Hal'jin, but I've seen enough lunacy on the roads of the Mid West to sow the seeds of doubt...

    Thanks again - really. I had a good examiner (looked like Montgomery Burns) and a bloody good instructor.

    Thanks also for your pregnancy wishes too. Much appreciated.

  14. Do you still have the red "L" on your car or did you scrape it off already?

  15. Congratulations mate! Very happy for you :)

  16. Thanks,

    and Ron: it's 'traditional' to tear up one's L-plates (they're magnetic) but as it happens the front one of mine blew off the car the day before my test whilst driving in treacherous wind and rain across the moors!

    Still, at least I won't have to buy a new set now...

  17. Congrats mate, our two eldest have just both failed their theory, so we know how hard it is.

    I actually passed my proper test in a 1-tonne ambulance, the short wheel base I'd been practising with was VOR and it was all the unit had spare on the morning of the test.

    I even went blues and twos on the test, but that's a long story ;-)

  18. Corbane: I feel for you - and I'm amazed you managed to crunch that thing into a gear, let alone pass a test in it!

    Frustratingly, having learned to drive properly, I'll soon forget it: because Kate can't drive 'stick' I've had to get an automatic car - a 1996 Civic.

    Or, as I'm starting to know it, the 'Honda Dadcar'.

    It's all just so exciting.


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