Wednesday, 2 March 2011

251 Old Stuff Day

What a marevllous idea: all kudos to Warhammer 39,999!
I decided to go for a couple of my very first posts, as they predate most of my readership...but looking back on them, they really are dreadfully dull! [Skip to number four if you want stuff that's actually quite good]:

1) My first post with a photo:

2) And I enjoyed the pics in this one:

3) And that most unusual thing: a Draxian painting tutorial!

Here are the three modelling projects I'm most proud of though, I think:

4) model form: (please note - he's shown based and finished at the foot of this post here.)

5) The 24th's objective marker (and banner, thanks to Suneokun's awesomeness):

6) My wheeled salamander conversion: most fun to build imaginable:

Cheers to all my readers, old and new, and especially to W39,999!

- Drax.


  1. I'd actually missed number 4! It was right about when I moved house, so that's my excuse. Great stuff all around, Drax!

  2. You confused me... on line item #5, I thought you were saying that objective was post #24. Then I had to question just how long you'd been blogging, because I remembered that post going live.

    *bonk self*

  3. Aah, Drax,

    Good times. Followed eachother for a long time now. I've named a Dreadnought after you... its not being sentimental, just easy to paint "Drax" and you seem like a nice internets chap. lol.

  4. Ach! I never thanked you for this, Siph.

    Thanks - I'm touched.


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